This eLearning module provides training on the advertising rules for medicines, medical devices and products, complimentary therapies and food supplements. The course also goes into detail on the evidence needed to substantiate a medicinal claim, as well as the legislation enforced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

The course is broken down as follows:

  • Misleading claims, substantiation and testimonials - This section focuses on how to avoid using potentially misleading claims, how to reference testimonials correctly, and the types of evidence marketers are required to hold for different types of health-related claims.
  • Medicines and medical devices - This section covers the advertising rules that apply to medicines and medical devices, including those on licensing and the use of endorsements by celebrities and health professionals.
  • Complementary therapies - This section explores the rules that apply to complementary therapies, including substantiation for efficacy claims, testimonials and use of the title “Dr”.
  • Food supplements - This section covers the rules on health and nutritional claims related to foods and supplements, including the restrictions on comparisons and prohibited claims.

The module is relevant to many different sectors and advertisers, from chiropractors to homeopaths, from nutritionists to pharmaceutical companies.

Individually the module costs £54 (inc. VAT) and there are additional savings on the cost per module if you buy five eLearning modules or more. You can find out more about our tiered pricing here.