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Industry and Advertisers

Our aim is make sure that all UK advertising, wherever it appears is legal, decent, honest and truthful and our preferred approach is to work with, rather than against, advertisers, agencies and media to achieve this.

To prevent problems from arising in the first place, there is a wealth of advice resources available, many of them free. From this section you can find direct links to the advice and training resources provided by CAP.

You will also find advice on how our process works if someone has made a complaint about your ad and advice on making a complaint about a competitor.

The ASA recognises the importance of providing a service that is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Please let us know when you first contact us if you have any accessibility needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Download a guide to the advice and training services offered by our sister organisation: the Committees of Advertising Practice, as well as their rate card.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our FAQs. Or if you are making a complaint about the ASA read more here and please be aware of our Contact Policy.

  • Advertising Codes

    Advertising Codes

    Access the UK Advertising Codes, which lay down the rules for advertisers, agencies and media owners to follow.

    Clicking on this section will take you to the Committee of Advertising Practice website, the body responsible for writing the Codes we administer.

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  • How to comply

    How to comply with the codes 

    There is lots of free advice available from the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), the bodies that write the Advertising Codes. They provide bespoke advice on campaigns, plus a fully searchable online database of authoritative advice on hundreds of issues. They keep their advice up-to-date in light of ASA rulings.

    Clicking on this section will take you to the advice and training section of the CAP website.

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  • Make a complaint

    Make a complaint

    The ASA can look into complaints about a competitor’s advertising, but we ask for evidence that you’ve attempted to resolve your concern directly with them first. 

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  • What we regulate

    What we cover

    We deal with most types of ads but not all, but if we can’t deal with your complaint or query ourselves, we will try to help you contact the right body. This section will tell you which types of ads we look into, and which ones we don’t.

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  • Complaint - What happens next

    Complaint about your ad - What happens now?

    Our focus is on providing a fair and thorough process for all involved. If you have recently been contacted by the ASA because someone has complained about your advertising or marketing material visit this section for advice on our procedures.

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  • Sanctions


    The vast majority of advertisers and broadcasters comply with ASA rulings, however for the small minority who don’t, there are consequences. Our main aim is to bring about compliance with the Advertising Codes, rather than punish advertisers. However, some of the sanctions at our disposal can be very detrimental to those who choose not to comply.

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  • Our experts

    Our experts

    We often uses experts and resources from other bodies to help advise us on certain matters relating to ads. This ensures consistency, transparency and clarification on subjects relating to complaints, helping us to reach an informed decision.

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  • consistency

    Our commitment to good regulation

    Find out more about the standards of good regulation you can expect from us and how to raise concerns with us about consistency in regulation.

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  • Stakeholder engagement

    The ASA is committed to developing effective long term engagement with key stakeholders including trade bodies, consumer and pressure groups, regulatory partners and media owners.

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    Unacceptable contact policy

    The ASA is committed to providing a fair, consistent and accessible service for all of our customers. However, we have to balance this by providing a safe working environment for our staff to operate within and to ensure that our work is undertaken in an efficient and effective manner.

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How to comply with the rules

For advice and training on the Advertising Codes please visit the CAP website..

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Non-compliant online advertisers

Check the list of online advertisers who remain in breach of our rulings.