The ticket face value is £180 for the weekend, including camping. That will cost £180 each then right? Festival organisers, and particularly third-party ticket sellers, should bear in mind CAP Code rule 3.18 when advertising prices, which states in part “Quoted prices must include non-optional taxes, duties, fees and charges that apply to all or most buyers.” Booking fees are highly likely to fall within this definition, and as such prices should never be quoted as “£180 plus booking fee”, or similar, but rather as a price inclusive of any applicable fees. Further guidance from CAP on ticket pricing and how to advertise these responsibly, and in line with the rules, can be found here.

If there is an additional charge that cannot be calculated in advance, for example for postage of tickets where there is a flat rate no matter how many tickets are purchased, it should be stated prominently. For example, “£180 per ticket. £2 postage per order” would make clear the consumer’s financial commitment. Further information on compulsory costs and charges can be found here.

Further information on advertising prices in general can be found here.

One further point, Copy Advice has previously seen ads for festivals that promoted the consumption of alcohol in an irresponsible manner, and advertisers are reminded that Section 18 of the CAP Code that covers alcohol related marketing applies to all ads featuring alcohol, not just those for alcohol brands or products. More information on this section can be found here.

As usual the Copy Advice team is happy to help with any queries advertisers may have about the CAP Code in general, or their ads in particular. Contact us for free advice or call us on 020 7492 2100.

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