Summary of ASA ruling

Problem health claims: DRT Clinics Ltd breaks the UK Ad Rules with misleading claims to diagnose and treat allergies and intolerances with bioresonance on the website

The ASA has previously investigated claims about the effectiveness of bioresonance and bio-magnetic resonance methodology to diagnose or treat medical conditions. As explained in the ASA advice on bioresonance, previous investigations have found there was insufficient evidence to support claims that bio-magnetic resonance could diagnose health and medical conditions, and that there was insufficient evidence to support claims that bioresonance techniques could treat medical conditions, including allergies and hay fever.

The DRT Clinics website contains several claims about the effectiveness of bioresonance devices and methods to diagnose and treat allergies and intolerances, including hay fever, sinusitis and asthma. Examples include:

  • Bioresonance can “seek out and treat fundamental energetic disorders such as chronic food allergies, chronic toxic contamination and therapy blocks
  • The bioresonance method “has become well-known for its ability to treat allergies swiftly and effectively

Although the page relating to allergies and intolerances contains a disclaimer reading “Traditional orthodox medicine does not currently accept or even recognise the effects of bioenergetic oscillations” this is insufficient to override the preceding claims which are not supported by appropriate robust scientific evidence.

The CAP Compliance team instructed DRT Clinics Ltd to amend their website to remove the problem health claims. DRT Clinics made some amendments but the claims regarding allergies and intolerances continued to appear. As a result the CAP Compliance team took the decision on 23 January 2020 to place their company details on this section of the ASA website. These details will remain in place until such a time as DRT Ltd has amended the claims on to comply with the CAP Code.

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