Misleading Advertising: Ellanoir Luxury Ltd breaks the UK advertising rules for making misleading delivery time claims, “Fast 1-7 day delivery across the UK” on the website.

The website makes prominent, unqualified reference to the speed of deliveries for orders: “Fast 1-7 day delivery across the UK”.

The ASA ruled in Ellanoir Luxury Ltd (03 November 2021) that “FREE UK 1-7 Day DHL Tracked Shipping Today Only” was misleading as “the banner offered no qualification that this offer was subject to restrictions based upon the availability of certain products, or that it was only available in relation to a limited range of products”.

Whilst the listing for specific furniture products may provide further information outlining that delivery can take up to 25 days, given the prominence of the claim “Fast 1-7 day delivery across the UK”, the longer individual product listing delivery time claims contradict rather than clarify the headline claim and the qualification is insufficiently clear.

The CAP Compliance team contacted Ellanoir Luxury Ltd but given the claim “Fast 1-7 day delivery across the UK” remains, took the decision on 11 November 2021 to place their company details on this section of the ASA website. These details shall remain in place until such time as Ellanoir Luxury Ltd has removed or appropriately amended the website to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

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