Misleading Advertising: breaks the UK Ad Rules for offering misleading promo codes on the website.

The ASA investigated the website in relation to promo codes that were claimed could be used on the Nutmeg website. The promo codes also stated that people had used the Nutmeg promo codes. The ASA considered that consumers would understand the promo codes had been successfully used on the Nutmeg website, but Nutmeg advised that the deals were not genuine and they had not provided any discounts to be used on their website. The ASA found that in the absence of any evidence that the deals were genuine offers, the website was misleading.

The CAP Compliance team instructed to remove the Nutmeg promo codes that continue to appear on their website. As didn’t respond we took the decision on 6 March 2018 to place them on this section of the ASA website. These details will remain in place until such a time as has amended the website to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.


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