Misleading Advertising: breaks the UK Ad Rules for making misleading price claims for mobile phone unlocking services on the website


The ASA investigated the website in relation to price claims for unlocking iPhones. The prices were displayed in pounds sterling, with the iPhone unlocking “Price from £19.99.” The ASA understood on some occasions there would be additional fees payable on top of this to complete the process. However the ASA also noticed that there was no further information on the website to indicate that consumers might have to pay an additional fee. No evidence was seen to substantiate that a significant portion of customers would get their iPhone unlocked for the price stated. As such the ASA found that the price claim “Price from £19.99” was misleading.

The CAP Compliance team instructed to amend the price claim to show an additional fee may be payable in addition to the £19.99 for unlocking the iPhone. As didn’t respond we took the decision on 8 March 2018 to place them on this section of the ASA website. These details will remain in place until such a time as has amended the website to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

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