Problem Food Claims: JT Freshly Ltd breaches the UK Advertising Code for unauthorised health claims from its “Energy Drink”, “Detox Drink” and “Weight Loss Drink” on

Section 15 of the CAP Code states that only health claims listed as “authorised” on the EU Register of Nutrition and Health claims are permitted in marketing communications. In order to comply, an advertiser needs to show that the specific health claims for each of their advertised products are listed as authorised on the EU Register and that the authorised claims relate to the relevant ingredient/s in the product. Similarly, any claim that states or implies that a food has particular beneficial nutritional properties because of its ingredients must comply with the criteria set out in the Annex to the EU Register.

JTFreshly make a number of unacceptable health claims including:


  1. Appetite Suppressant
  2. Weight Loss Water Programme
  3. Natural Weight Loss
  4. Superfood
  5. Natural appetite suppressants in our weight loss juice help to suppress your appetite
  6. Suppress appetite
  7. Increase your metablism
  8. Calorie burning properties
  9. Reduces the fat deposition in the body
  10. Curb hunger and suppresses appetite
  11.  Specific health benefits
  12. Put your health first and order our nutritional health waters to help you reach your energy, detox or weight loss ambitions
  13. Appetite suppressant water provides you with the weight loss inspired recipe to shed pounds the right way
  14. Added health benefits of removing those excess pounds in favour of a leaner, fitter and healthier frame
  15. Also the health claims within ‘Bee Pollen “The Superfood”’ and ‘Chia Seed “The Superfood”’ sections.


  1. Superfood
  2. Detoxification agents in our detox powder to cleanse your system
  3. Gently cleanse your system
  4. Absorb more nutrients of the superfoods, which in turn maximises their effectiveness
  5. Increase the natural cleansing processes of the liver
  6. Slows digestion and helps you absorb the nutrients from your food
  7. Feel fuller and in turn to eat less. Ideal when you are detoxing to help with the weight loss and also to cleanse your system.
  8. As well as the health claims made within the ‘Grapefruit “The Superfood”’ and ‘Flaxseed “The Superfood”’. 
  9. Detox


  1. Raise energy levels
  2. Provide an endurance boost
  3. Ability to fight long-term fatigue
  4. Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  5. Anxiety
  6. Lemons reduce anxiety and depression
  7. Energy juice


    Despite repeated requests from the CAP Compliance team, JT Freshly Ltd continues to make unauthorised health claims on

    Due to JT Freshly Ltd’s non-compliance and disregard for the CAP Code, the CAP Compliance team took the decision to place its company details on this section of the ASA website on 19 February 2019.  These details shall remain in place until JT Freshly Ltd removes the unacceptable claims from its website,

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