Imitation and Denigration: Licensed Taxi Drivers Association Ltd t/a LTDA breaks the UK Ad Rules for running a paid-for Facebook post which stated “Uber- unsafe for passengers, unsafe for road users. Why trust them both with your data?” Beneath that text, a photo which looked like a CCTV image depicted an arm reaching out of the window of a car and grabbing a purse from a pedestrian’s bag. Text in the bottom right of the image stated “UBER-CAM -1”.

The CAP Code states that marketing communications must not discredit or denigrate another product or marketer. The ASA noted that LTDA referred to Uber as unsafe for passengers and road users, and questioned whether passengers should trust Uber with their data. Further, the ASA considered the picture, in the context of the ad, was intended to portray an Uber driver stealing a woman’s purse. In any case the image, as well as the text in the Facebook post, created the impression that Uber drivers were untrustworthy and took part in illegal behaviour. The ASA therefore concluded that the ad denigrated Uber and as such was in breach of the Code.

Licensed Taxi Drivers Association Ltd did not respond to the ASA’s enquiries.

Following this the matter was referred to the Compliance team; no changes have been made to comply with the CAP Code despite repeated requests from the CAP Compliance team.
Due to Licensed Taxi Drivers Association Ltd’s continued non-compliance and disregard for the CAP Code, the CAP Compliance team took the decision to place its company details on this section of the ASA website on 15 April 2019. These details shall remain in place until Licensed Taxi Drivers Association Ltd has removed the advert that was the subject of this ruling, to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

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