Summary of ASA ruling

Problem Health Claims: Logan Wellbeing Belfast Ltd, trading as Logan Wellbeing Medical & Aesthetics breaches the UK Ad Rules with claims about the Logan Fertility Method which cannot be supported by evidence on the website.

Rule 12.1 of the CAP Code requires that:

Objective claims must be backed by evidence, if relevant consisting of trials conducted on people. Substantiation will be assessed on the basis of the available scientific knowledge.

In 2016 the ASA investigated claims about The Logan Fertility Method which appeared on the website for the Beauty Company, The ASA Ruling established that claims about the effectiveness and success rates of the method could not be supported by appropriate evidence.

Furthermore the ASA ruling stated that references to “fertility”, particularly in the context of The Logan Fertility Method, would be considered claims to treat infertility and other conditions associated with difficulties conceiving. 

Despite providing assurances they would abide by the ASA Ruling, the advertiser continues to make references to fertility, particularly in the name “Logan Fertility Method” and the success rates quoted in their advertising.

The CAP Compliance team contacted Logan Wellbeing but they did not make appropriate timely amendments to their advertising to comply with the Code and the ruling. As a result we took the decision on 4 October 2018 to place the company details on this section of the ASA website.

These details shall remain in place until such a time as Logan Wellbeing has removed all claims on the website that give the impression they can provide effective treatment for infertility or other fertility issues.

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