Misleading Advertising: breaks the UK advertising rules for making unproven efficacy claims for amber jewellery. 

The CAP Compliance team has contacted Marambra Ltd t/a several times about unsubstantiated claims for amber jewellery on its website. The team was told that did not trade in the UK. However, we noted that prices on that website were displayed in pounds sterling and our questions about whether the company shipped to the UK went unanswered. Shipping information on the website referred to “EU countries”. In the absence of an explanation, we concluded that the website targeted UK consumers and that its products were available to purchase to consumers residing in the UK. In those circumstances, the CAP Code applied in full.

Problem claims on the website included “Baltic amber releases trace amounts of healing oils, also known as succinic acid. This oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and relieves teething symptoms by reducing swelling and drooling.” and “it can relieve and/or help relieve symptoms of the following: pain & inflammation caused by teething excessive drooling caused by teething colic pain skin rush excessive gas inflammation eczema”. 

To date, neither the ASA nor CAP has seen robust evidence to support any health benefits associated with amber jewellery.

In light of’s continued non-compliance, we took the decision on 17 April 2018 to place its company details on this section of the ASA website. These details shall remain in place until such time as Marambra Ltd t/a has removed direct and implied efficacy for amber jewellery from its website to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

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