Misleading advertising: Person(s) unknown t/a and breaks the UK Ad Rules by making claims on the websites and
The ASA investigated whether ads on the websites and misleadingly implied that grants and funding were available to help consumers purchase windows.
Several claims were made including “Over One Hundred Million pounds of funding is available for homeowners to upgrade their windows” and “Find out today if you qualify for free window funding today”.
The ASA concluded that consumers would understand the above claims to mean that significant funds were available and set aside for consumers. No information was supplied to show where the funds were held, who controlled this or how the funds were allocated. 
In light of this, the ASA found the claims made by and were misleading, as their claims that “over one hundred million pounds of funding” was available hadn’t been substantiated.
We also noted that was no longer live, however the website was continuing to make misleading claims. 
Due to the continued non-compliance and disregard for the CAP Code, the CAP Compliance team took the decision to place on this section of the ASA website on 28 January 2018. These details shall remain in place until has amended their advertising to ensure compliance with the CAP Code. 

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