Misleading advertising: Shaping Wellness breaks the UK Ad Rules by making claims that their food allergy testing and intolerance tests provide accurate results as high as “85 to 99 percent” on the website


Shaping Wellness offer “Radiesthesa” hair testing for food allergy and intolerance where a hair sample is analysed. They claim the following “In our experience the accuracy of the allergy and intolerance test is as high as 85 to 99.9 percent.”


Several claims were made including that their tests could "establish which specific foods, non foods or substances that may be affecting you, what causes the reaction or puts your body under stress." The tests included further items that could be detected such as food additivies, household substances and chemicals. 


These claims are problematic as the ASA has yet to see sufficient evidence that hair testing identifies allergies and intolerances. 


The CAP Compliance team instructed Shaping Wellness to amend their website to comply with the Code. As didn’t respond we took the decision on 5 November 2018 to place them on this section of the ASA website. These details will remain in place until such a time as Shaping Wellness has amended the website to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

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