Misleading Advertising: TechnoFix LTD t/a IT Technology breaks the UK Ad Rules by making misleading claims about their Quantum Anti-Radiation Shield 5G EMF Protection stickers on the website

IT Technology claim that their stickers can to be applied to electronic devices to block emissions of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  The ASA has previously investigated equivalent claims for similar stickers and found that claims that electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices has adverse effects on health and that certain products or devices can mitigate these effects have not been substantiated with robust documentary evidence and are thereby misleading

IT Technology has made a number of misleading claims that the material of the stickers protects consumers from EMF radiation and has a positive impact on their health.  They have also misleadingly claimed that their products can alleviate depression, relieve stress and increase energy as three health benefits from reducing EMF radiation.  These claims are yet to be substantiated with robust clinical evidence and are thereby misleading under the CAP Code

Despite a number of requests from the Compliance team, IT Technology have failed to amend or remove the problematic claims from their website.  We therefore took action on 11 May to place them on his section of the ASA website.  These details will remain in place until IT Technology remove or amend the claims from to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

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