Summary of ASA ruling

Misleading Advertising: Viagogo breaks the UK advertising rules by failing to make clear upfront all fees that can be calculated in advance when making price claims on

The ASA received complaints about the presentation of pricing information on Viagogo’s website; quoted prices did not make clear upfront the additional fees and charges consumers were required to pay to order tickets.  

Rules 3.18 and 3.20 of the CAP Code make clear that quoted prices must include non-optional taxes, duties, fees and charges that apply to all or most buyers and must also state applicable delivery, freight or postal charges. This includes admin, booking, service and delivery fees. 

The ASA’s ruling concluded that Viagogo needed to ensure it made clear the total ticket price including the booking fee (inclusive of VAT), and the applicable cost of UK delivery as soon as ticket prices were quoted.
The CAP Compliance team contacted Viagogo on 19 March 2018 to request its assurance that it would amend its website.  Viagogo provided that assurance on 23 March 2018, agreeing to make compulsory fees sufficiently clear by 26 May 2018. Nevertheless, as of today’s date, the website continues to include pricing information that is in breach of the CAP Code and the ASA’s ruling.

The CAP Compliance team has therefore taken the decision to place Viagogo on this section of the ASA website on 29 May 2018.  This information will remain in place until such time as Viagogo amends its website to comply with the CAP Code.

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