Misleading advertising: Vistaprint BV breaks the UK advertising rules for making misleading pricing claims for the delivery of their business cards on


The website currently gives pricing information for the creation of business cards that does not make sufficiently clear that additional delivery fees apply.


Section 3.20 of the CAP Code states “prices must also state applicable delivery, freight or postal charges or, if those cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, state that such charges are payable”.  Given the delivery price depends on the number of business cards ordered, the delivery fee cannot be calculated in advance. However, when the initial prices of business cards are first mentioned, the ad should also make clear that delivery fees apply.


The pricing information on does not make the additional delivery fees clear and therefore breaks the CAP Code.


The CAP Compliance team has contacted the advertiser to request that changes will be made to bring its advertising in line with the CAP Code. Vistaprint has not made the required amendments and the website continues to fail to make clear the compulsory delivery fee that occurs.


The CAP Compliance team has therefore taken the decision to play Vistaprint on this section of the ASA website on 24 September 2018. This information will remain in place until such time as Vistaprint amends its website to comply with the CAP Code.

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