Summary of ASA ruling

Misleading Advertising: Zenith Business Co., Ltd t/a Romwe breaks the UK advertising rules for making misleading “faux fur” and “artificial mink fur” claims for products on the website, when the items contain real animal fur.

Consumers should expect products advertised as “artificial fur” or “faux fur” to contain no real animal fur. The UK Romwe website offers a “Flamingo & Slogan Print Faux Fur Detail Top & Striped Pants PJ Set” with a “faux fur detail”. Testing indicates this product contains rabbit fur. The UK Romwe website also offers “Black Artificial Mink Fur Ball Earrings” and states the product is made from “black artificial mink fur”. Testing indicates this product contains real mink fur.

The FAQ page on the Romwe website ( includes the question “Do you use fur and genuine leather?” with the answer “Our products are neither real fur nor genuine leather but they are high quality artificial materials”, which does not appear to be the case for all products.

The Compliance team has been taking market-wide action about misleading “faux fur” claims. As part of this work we published our Enforcement Notice on Misleading “Faux Fur” claims in clothes and accessories, with advice to help retailers and sellers stick to the rules.

The CAP Compliance team contacted Zenith Business Co., Ltd t/a Romwe when we launched the Enforcement Notice, and again in January 2020, when we became aware of these new issues. In the absence of a response to our enquiries, we took the decision on 30 January 2020 to place Romwe’s company details on this section of the ASA website. These details shall remain in place until such time as Zenith Business Co., Ltd t/a Romwe has appropriately amended the website to ensure compliance with the CAP Code.

Note: Zenith Business Co., Ltd is cited as Romwe’s UK subsidiary in the UK website T&Cs. Other companies mentioned are the now-defunct ZoeTop Business Co., Limited (website privacy policy) and Siba Ecom Private Ltd (a “contact us” postal address in Mumbai).

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