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CAP Bitesize is a series of videos to help businesses get their ads right, by setting out the principles behind the advertising rules in an easily digestible format.

For all the topics we cover on this page - and just about anything else - if you need more advice when putting together your ads you can always contact our Copy Advice team, who offer quick feedback at any stage during the creative process, from conception to final draft.

Watch series three on non-surgical cosmetic interventions below, or jump to the other series on price promotions and competitions, prizes and give-aways.

Series 3: Non-surgical cosmetic interventions

Our third series focuses on non-surgical cosmetic interventions - things like fillers, dermaplaning, teeth whitening treatments, and microneedling. There's plenty to learn when it comes to advertising these treatments, including a new rule on how these ads can be targeted, which came into force in May 2022. Check out our latest series now.


On 25 May 2022 the rules for advertising non-surgical cosmetic interventions changed. Find out what this means for your marketing in this video. 


Social responsibility

Learn how to keep your ads for non-surgical cosmetic interventions responsible.


Production techniques

Keep your before and after photos in check. Find out more about the advertising rules and how they apply to the production techniques used to promote your non-surgical cosmetic interventions.



Get some top tips on how to avoid misleading advertising claims when promoting your non-surgical cosmetic interventions.



This video covers the advertising rules for Botox and other botulinum toxin injectables.


Series 2: Price promotions

Our second series of CAP Bitesize looks at another kind of promotion - the price promotion. Whether it's discounts, BOGOFs or hidden fees, join us as we set out everything you need to know about running a price promotion that sticks to the ad rules.


Here we introduce the topic and what we'll be covering. It'll be useful to bear in mind how advertising regulation works, and what the ad rules cover.


How to make sure the price is right in your savings claims

How do you make sure the price is right in your ads when you’re marking different types of savings claims? Here we cover the key things you need to know when making savings claims to advertise your promotion.


The price is right - significant conditions

Terms and conditions are a must for any savings or price promotion you run. This video offers some key advice to small and medium businesses on terms and conditions for these kinds of promotions.


The rules on availability

In this video we cover the rules on availability when you are running a price promotion.


Non-optional charges

How do you deal with different types of charges to ensure the price is right in your ads? Here we cover some of the dos and don’ts of additional charges.


Series 1: Prize Promotions

In this video series we offer tips to small and medium businesses on how to run prize promotions like prize draws, competitions and giveaways on social media and elsewhere to help you follow the advertising rules and avoid receiving complaints.


Find out more about how advertising regulation works and the role of the ASA and CAP. You can also read more about what the advertising rules cover.


Awarding Prizes

You can find our more about the advertising rules on awarding prizes with our advice online article on the topic.


Terms and Conditions

We have further guidance on terms and conditions in our promotional marketing advice article.


Closing Dates

Further guidance on closing dates, including an example of when it's okay to change a closing date, is set out in our promotional marketing advice article.


Picking a Winner

You can find out more about the advertising rules on picking winners here: