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  • eLearning module: Misleading Advertising part two

    Using real life rulings to illustrate how the rules apply; CAP's eLearning resource is designed to help advertisers and marketers create campaigns that stick to the rules (link opens in new window).

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  • Advertising of broadband prices

    Following joint research commissioned by us and Ofcom, we're signalling the need for change in the advertising of broadband prices.

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    • De Agostini UK Ltd t/a Zippo Collection

      A TV ad for a subscription magazine, seen on 19 August 2015, contained small text that stated...

    • FreeFusion Ltd

      The website for FreeFusion, seen in November 2015, included large text...

    • Goodwin Development Trust

      A website (ad (a)) for Goodwin Development Trust,,and a brochure (ad (b)), seen in...

    • Hanoi Bike Shop

      Two posters for a noodle bar seen on a train on 19 October and at a train station on 13 November...

    • Iceland Foods Ltd

      Two circulars for branches of Iceland Food Warehouse, delivered to homes in the week beginning 19...

    • Kitchens Plus Ltd

      A radio ad for Kitchens Plus Ltd broadcast on 23 September 2015 stated "For a brand new...

    • Lidl UK GmbH

      A TV ad and a poster, for Lidl:a. The TV ad, seen between 2 and 5 October 2015, featured members...

    • Newsworks Ltd

      A national press ad for Newsworks Ltd, published on 6 September 2015, was headed "The front...

    • Plusnet plc

      An online video for Plusnet plc, seen on Plusnet's YouTube page on 13 August 2015, referred to...

    • Property Rescue Ltd

      A website ad, for Property Rescue Ltd, on, seen on 28 September 2015,...

    • Rosimian Ltd t/a Walton Web Ltd

      Three video ads for a cabin retailer, Walton Web Ltd, shown on their website

    • Virgin Media Ltd

      A TV, website and press ad for Virgin Media’s broadband service.a. The TV ad stated “Get the UK's...

    • Virtual College Ltd

      An email from Virtual College, an online education provider, dated 9 September 2015, stated “It...

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