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  • Advertising standards for homeopathy

    Our sister organisation, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has written to homeopaths across the UK to remind them of the rules that govern what they can and can’t say in their marketing materials, including on their websites.

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  • Opinion piece: Advertising and the gender debate

    "Gender stereotyping has prompted wider commentary. These high profile developments demonstrate how topical it has become." - An opinion piece from Guy Parker, ASA Chief Executive.

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    Gender stereotypes
  • ASA and CAP Annual Report 2015

    Figures published today, as part of our Annual Report, show the changing landscape of advertising regulation continues to be dominated by online ads.

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    ASA Annual Report 2015

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  • Council recruitment

    We're seeking three new Members for our Council to play a key role and help shape the direction of advertising regulation.

  • Bad taste or offensive?

    Ads shouldn’t contain anything that’s likely to cause serious or widespread offence. But how do we decide what is and isn’t acceptable?

  • Lord Borrie (1931-2016)

    The ASA team are saddened by news of the death of our former Chairman, Lord Gordon Borrie QC, on Friday 30 September.

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