Latest rulings

  • Cheshire Health & Medical Professionals LLP

    • Upheld
    • Magazine
    • 15 September 2021

    We banned an ad for a medical device claiming over misleading efficacy claims around pain relief.

  • Global EMF Solutions Ltd t/a energyDots

    • Upheld
    • Internet (website content)
    • 08 September 2021

    A website ad for a device which retunes electromagnetic frequencies was banned for misleadingly stating that the device can help users feel energised, more focused and less stressed. 

  • Actegy Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Television
    • 14 July 2021

    A newspaper ad for an Aerosure device was banned for misleadingly stating that it was clinically proven to reduce coughing and a tight chest associated with a shortness of breath.

  • Pruvit Ventures Inc

    • Upheld
    • Website (own site), Social media (own site), Social media (influencer or affiliate ad)
    • 07 July 2021

    A website post, five Instagram posts and an Instagram Highlights reel for a health company were banned for making unauthorised health claims and for implying that food supplements could treat diseases.