Latest rulings

  • Ltd t/a

    • Upheld
    • Email
    • 27 September 2023

    An email ad failed to administer a pricing promotion via a discount code fairly.

  • AOS Trading Ltd t/a Rattan Hut

    • Upheld
    • 06 September 2023

    An email, website, and paid-for Instagram story for a garden furniture retailer misleadingly claimed that items were free despite consumers having to meet a minimum order value to use the voucher codes.

  • BBC Studios Productions Ltd t/a BBC Studios

    • Upheld
    • Email, Internet (website content)
    • 26 July 2023

    Four pages on the BBC and Ticketmaster websites, and an email from Ticketmaster, misleadingly omitted that tickets for the Coronation Concert would be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and implied that consumers had been allocated tickets.

  • Red Miracle Group t/a Domino’s Pizza

    • Upheld
    • Leaflet
    • 19 July 2023

    A promotion offered in a leaflet for Domino’s Pizza was not administered fairly and was likely to have caused participants unnecessary disappointment.