Latest rulings

  • Kingstown Associates Ltd t/a HealthyLiving Direct

    • Upheld
    • Catalogue
    • 15 November 2017

    A brochure for Healthy Living Direct, seen in June 2017, contained ads on one page for various products including a number of sex toys and sex aids. Two of the products, a sex toy entitled “The Pleasurable Way To Relieve Stress” and “Erecta Prompt Cream” had appeared in a previous ASA Adjudication. The ad also conta...

  • Redfoot Shoes Ltd t/a Goodwin Smith

    • Upheld
    • Internet (on own site), E-mail, Internet (social networking), Internet (video)
    • 15 November 2017

    Ads for Goodwin Smith Shoes seen in August 2017:

    a. An email included the claim “Fancy a pair?” and was accompanied by an image of three women wearing just knickers, with one woman’s breasts exposed, the second covering her chest with her arm with her nipple exposed and the third posed in front of the others ...

  • Skill on Net Ltd

    • Not Upheld
    • Direct mail
    • 15 November 2017

    A leaflet for an online casino,, seen on 29 June 2016 featured text on the front that stated “Play your ojo Wheel and win Free Spins! …”. At the bottom of the leaflet was small print that stated “No deposit required. Min. withdrawal £20. The OJO Wheel guarantees Free Spins if you select the ‘Wheely Easy’...

  • Aquil Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Leaflet, Insert
    • 25 October 2017

    A leaflet for Aquil Ltd, a shoe insole company, inserted in to a daily newspaper, was seen on 6 May 2017. It included text which stated “Your feet can now heal your body … Helps with weight loss … Improves your concentration … Reduces your blood pressure ... Strengthen the heart and immune system”. It also included ...