Latest rulings

  • TalkTalk Telecom Ltd t/a TalkTalk

    • Upheld
    • Email, Television
    • 29 September 2021

    A TV ad and an email promoting TalkTalk’s broadband service were banned for making misleading price claims.

  • Freudenberg Household Products LP t/a Vileda

    • Upheld
    • Email
    • 11 August 2021

    An email from an industry news outlet was banned for implying that their microfibre cloth could remove Covid-19 with a high level of efficacy without having sufficient evidence to substantiate the claim.

  • Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Email
    • 05 May 2021

    A marketing communication email from ASOS was banned for implying all their products were included in an offer when this was not the case.

  • Beer52 Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Mailing
    • 24 February 2021

    A letter from a beer company broke the CAP Code as it was not obviously identifiable as an ad.