Use this form to report online scam ads in paid-for space: including ads on newspaper websites, paid-for search engine ads or ads appearing on social media.

We share information gathered via those reports with our network of key industry partners, including all the major social media platforms and ad networks operating in the UK, so that scam ads are taken down and the information used to stop similar ads appearing.

Examples of such ads include:

  • fake celebrity news, such as reporting a celebrity has been assaulted or has died when that is not true, or links through to websites making these claims
  • false celebrity endorsements, such as claiming a celebrity made their money through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and is encouraging others to do the same
  • false claims that a celebrity or TV programme endorses products such as CBD gummies, diet supplements, or other health products
  • clearly false or outlandish claims for products, for example that a device can save 90% on energy bills, or offering miracle cures

If you would like to submit a complaint about an ad on any other topic, please use our make a complaint pageIf you have received a scam email, please forward it directly to [email protected]

For more information, please see our scams FAQ.

Reports provided to us via this form are automatically shared with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Please do not submit any data that identifies individuals, including yourself, unless it is strictly necessary for your report. We process any personal data that is included in reports on the basis of our legitimate interest in protecting the public from scam ad alerts. Any personal data that is included will be processed in line with our privacy policy and the NCSC’s privacy policy.


Report an online scam ad: 

Are you able to supply the ‘ad link’ for the ad? Without this information, it is much less likely that we will be able to identify and take down the ad.

How to capture the 'ad link'

When using a computer:

You can capture it by right clicking and selecting ‘copy link address.

When using a mobile phone:

Place your device into Airplane/Flight Mode, and click or tap the ad. The webpage will attempt but fail to open. Copy the URL (web address) displayed into the browser into our form.

Drag or paste a file here
Or browse for the file on your device...
Drag or paste a file here
Or browse for the file on your device...

By submitting this report to us, you confirm that you understand and acknowledge that you are submitting a 'report', and you are not submitting a full and formal complaint. As such you understand you will not receive a personal response from the ASA, and we will use the information you provide as intelligence in our action to tackle scam ads.