Latest rulings

  • Verisure Services (UK) Ltd t/a Verisure

    • Upheld in part
    • Social media (paid ad), Internet (website content)
    • 17 November 2021

    A paid-for Facebook ad and a website ad for an alarm system was banned for making a misleading discount claim.

  • Verisure Services (UK) Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Television
    • 10 November 2021

    A TV ad for house security alarms and cameras was banned for stating that burglaries increased during the summer holiday period without adequate evidence to support the claim.

  • Ellanoir Luxury Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Website (own site)
    • 03 November 2021

    An ad for a furniture company was banned for misleading shipping claims.

  • British Gas Services Ltd t/a British Gas

    • Upheld
    • Television
    • 20 October 2021

    Two TV ads, a website and tweet by British Gas for their HomeCare Cover service were banned for misleadingly implying that emergency call outs were available to all customers at short notice.