Latest rulings

  • Kendal Nutricare Ltd t/a Kendamil

    • Upheld
    • Internet (social networking)
    • 07 April 2021

    Two Facebook ads for a formula milk manufacturer were banned for marketing infant formula, which is prohibited under the CAP Code.

  • ContextLogic Inc t/a

    • Upheld
    • Social media (paid ad)
    • 18 November 2020

    A paid-for ad on Facebook was irresponsible for portraying a model who was under 18 years of age in a sexual manner.

  • ContextLogic Inc t/a

    • Upheld
    • App (paid ad), Game (mobile/app)
    • 29 July 2020

    Four in-app ads for the e-commerce platform Wish were banned for placing explicit sexual images in apps that were likely to be used by children.

  • Mizkan Euro Ltd t/a Branston

    • Not upheld
    • Poster
    • 13 May 2020

    A poster ad for vinegar did not condone or encourage poor nutritional habits or an unhealthy lifestyle in children.