Latest rulings

  • The Law Society of England and Wales

    • Not Upheld
    • Internet (on own site)
    • 14 June 2017

    A web page on the Law Society website, seen in November 2016, describing the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation, stated “All Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme firms go through rigorous examination and testing to demonstrate that they have a high level of knowledge, skills, ex...

  • Thomson Legal Ltd t/a Assured Legal

    • Not Upheld
    • Internet (social networking)
    • 24 May 2017

    A tweet from claims management company Assured Legal Services, seen on 3 February 2017, which said "£223.7 MILLION on compensation for PPI paid in ONE MONTH... still don't want to check? Message us today! #ppi #compensation #financialfriend." The tweet included an image with text that said "£223.7m wa...

  • Finarea SA t/a Telediscount

    • Upheld
    • Internet (on own site)
    • 11 January 2017

    The home page of, an international access number service, featured a box allowing viewers to look up charges per minute to different countries. For calls to Israel, it stated “To landlines 1 pence per minute”.

  • This Is Global Ltd t/a Capital Radio

    • Not Upheld
    • Radio
    • 14 December 2016

    A radio ad for the film “Lights Out”, broadcast on 16 August at 7:25 pm on Capital Radio East Midlands, featured an introductory voice-over stating, “From the visionary filmmaker behind the Conjuring”. A child’s voice then said, “Every time I turn the lights off, there’s this woman.” A woman said “I’ve been seeing h...