Latest rulings

  • Global Brands Ltd

    • Not upheld
    • Internet (social networking)
    • 02 September 2020

    An Instagram post promoting a VK drink did not inappropriately target children.

  • LC International Limited t/a Coral

    • Upheld
    • Social media (own site)
    • 03 June 2020

    A tweet on a gambling company’s Twitter feed broke the rules by presenting a promotion in a way that was likely to encourage potentially harmful gambling behaviour.

  • LC International Ltd t/a Ladbrokes

    • Not upheld
    • Television
    • 03 June 2020

    A TV ad for a gambling company did not break the rules on encouraging gambling behaviour that was socially irresponsible or portray gambling as indispensable.

  • Mizkan Euro Ltd t/a Branston

    • Not upheld
    • Poster
    • 13 May 2020

    A poster ad for vinegar did not condone or encourage poor nutritional habits or an unhealthy lifestyle in children.