Latest rulings

  • Sparks Information PTE Ltd t/a Hunting Sniper

    • Upheld
    • Social media (paid ad)
    • 03 April 2024

    A paid-for Facebook ad for Hunting Sniper, a mobile app game, featured realistic footage of harm to animals, which was likely to cause widespread offence and unjustified distress.

  • Gamehaus Network Technology Co Ltd

    • Upheld
    • App (paid ad)
    • 24 January 2024

    An in-app ad for a mobile game featuring an incestuous relationship, suggesting a child had been sexualised and groomed by an adult and portraying a child in a sexual way was likely to cause serious and widespread offence.

  • FunPlus International AG t/a Funplus

    • Upheld
    • Game (mobile/app)
    • 17 January 2024

    An in-app ad for a mobile game was likely to cause serious offence by trivialising and condoning sexual assault and sexual violence.

  • Shenzhen Guangming District Kangshuo E-Commerce Firm t/a Health Support Store

    • Upheld
    • Website (paid ad)
    • 01 November 2023

    A paid-for ad on AliExpress was irresponsible for featuring a model that appeared unhealthily thin and made medicinal claims for an unlicensed product.