Latest rulings

  • TePe Oral Hygiene Products Ltd

    • Not Upheld
    • Poster
    • 10 October 2018

    A poster displayed on London Underground trains for TePe, an oral health care product company, seen on 7 April 2018 included text which stated “A TePe can get you to 100% clean … Your toothbrush only cleans up to 60% of your teeth … No wonder 94% of dental hygienists recommend them*”. Small print at the bottom of the a...

  • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Magazine
    • 03 January 2018

    A press ad for a beauty drink supplement, seen in May 2017, stated "Build the foundation for beautiful skin from the inside. Discover NEW IMEDEEN Advanced Beauty Shot, a collagen drink to complete your daily beauty routine. Add one bottle a day to help maintain your skin and to reach your deep dermal layer where c...