Latest rulings

  • Fussy Ltd

    • Upheld
    • 19 June 2024

    Fussy Ltd: A LinkedIn and Instagram ad for Fussy deodorant discredited and denigrated a competitor's brand and products.  

  • Hismile Pty Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Social media (paid ad)
    • 03 April 2024

    Two paid-for TikTok ads made misleading claims about the range of flavours produced and sold by the advertiser.

  • BPerfect Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Social media (influencer or affiliate ad)
    • 06 March 2024

    A TikTok video on Stephanie Vavron’s account was not obviously identifiable as an ad.

  • Vir Health Ltd t/a Numan

    • Upheld
    • Television
    • 06 March 2024

    A TV ad for a hair loss treatment guaranteed the efficacy of the product, breaking the Code.