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  • UK Direct Shop Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Leaflet, Insert
    • 17 January 2018

    An insert leaflet for health product catalogue UK Direct Shop, seen on 25 August 2017, advertised copper soles under the brand name “The Original Copper Heeler”. Along the side of the leaflet was a list of conditions that had boxes ticked next to them. Those were “Aching feet; Swollen legs; Back & neck problems;...

  • Medspa Pro Ltd t/a Slimspired

    • Upheld
    • Regional press
    • 10 January 2018

    An ad for Slimspired clinic’s TriLipo treatment, a fat reduction treatment, seen in the national press on 18 July 2017, was headed “Clinic’s ‘miracle machine’ causes summer bum rush!”. Text stated “A central London clinic has been forced to keep longer hours in order to deal with the popularity of its new Summer Bum...

  • Convits Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Internet (social networking)
    • 03 January 2018

    An Instagram post on TV personality Stephanie Davis’ page, seen on 10 August 2017, promoted vitamins. Text stated “Just wanted to let you all know about @convitsuk - a great daily vitamin & mineral company I have just started using … Get your exclusive 50% off online today with code STEPH50”. [Love heart emoji]”...

  • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Magazine
    • 03 January 2018

    A press ad for a beauty drink supplement, seen in May 2017, stated "Build the foundation for beautiful skin from the inside. Discover NEW IMEDEEN Advanced Beauty Shot, a collagen drink to complete your daily beauty routine. Add one bottle a day to help maintain your skin and to reach your deep dermal layer wher...