The influencers listed below are in breach of the CAP Code for routinely failing to clearly disclose when they are advertising to consumers on their social media channels. The influencers were contacted by the CAP Compliance team and asked to provide an assurance that they would include clear and upfront ad labels in their ads.

Those on this list either failed to provide that assurance in the first instance or subsequently reneged on it and will be subject to a period of enhanced monitoring spot checks. Failure to comply might result in further targeted sanctions such as ASA paid ad campaigns highlighting the influencer’s continued non-compliance and onwards referral to enforcement partners.

Read more about the Influencer monitoring work undertaken by CAP and CAP’s Influencer guidance here.

Influencer name Social handle Date added
Jacqueline Osborne jacjossa 20 June 2022
Charlotte Dawson charlottedawsy 4 April 2022
Scott Timlin scottgshore 14 December 2021

Influencers who were previously listed here, but have since been removed, were adjudged - over the period of enhanced monitoring - to have satisfactorily changed their advertising disclosure practices in conformity with rule 2.1: Marketing communications must be obviously identifiable as such. The number of influencers who have been removed from the list is currently: 23.