CAP eLearning is a quick and easy way to access in-depth online training on how to stick to Ad Codes from the comfort of your own desk.

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Important notice: We are in the process of upgrading our eLearning modules. Below you will find our new modules, that you can purchase directly through this website. These modules include the new Insider's Guide to the ASA& CAP, and Climate Change and the Environment, and Responsible Ads: Gambling Advertising modules.

Further down the page you will see a list of our previous modules which are no longer available for sale while they're being updated. If you purchased any of these modules you have until 31 December 2023 to complete them by logging into We will update this page when upgraded versions of the previous modules become available. Please note the Insider's Guide, Gambling, and Climate Change and the Environment modules are not affected by the upgrade and will continue as usual. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] Last updated 4 December 2023. 


  • Insider's Guide to the ASA and CAP

    A brand-new module from CAP! This module is designed for marketing, advertising, and compliance professionals to provide them with an essential foundation of how advertising regulation works. The course will run through the key principles of creating marketing communications that comply with the Codes and uses real-life rulings to illustrate how the ASA’s remit applies.

    Price: £60 Inc VAT

  • Climate Change and the Environment

    A brand new module from CAP! In this module we take a closer look at the fundamental principles regarding environmental claims in ads. We explore the rules regarding misleading advertising, the rules that apply specifically to environmental claims, and the broader regulatory landscape.

    Price: £60 Inc VAT

  • Responsible Ads: Gambling Advertising

    This new and improved module covers the rules gambling advertisers need to create responsible campaigns in the UK. It looks at terms and conditions, the depiction of gambling in ads, and social responsibility- including the new rules on ‘strong appeal’.

    Price: £60 Inc VAT

Total number of modules
Price for Responsible Ads: Gambling Advertising, Climate Change and the Environment, and Insider's Guide (including VAT)
Price for all other modules (including VAT)
1-4 modules £60.00 per course £54.00 per course
5-24 modules £51.00 per course £45.00 per course
25-49 modules £42.00 per course £36.00 per course
50-99 modules £36.00 per course £30.00 per course
100+ modules £30.00 per course £24.00 per course

Below you will find our other modules that are available to purchase: