Latest rulings

  • BVS Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Internet (on own site)
    • 21 August 2019

    A downloadable brochure for a car tuning service – Tunit Performance tuning – entitled “PERFORMANCE AND ECONOMY SOLUTIONS FOR ALL PETROL AND DIESEL CARS, 4x4s, COMMERCIAL AND AGRICULTURAL VEHICLES”, seen on 13 May 2019. It featured text which stated “An independent university study foun...

  • Sunspot Tours Ltd t/a Mercury Holidays

    • Upheld
    • National press
    • 03 July 2019

    Two national press ads for Mercury Holidays, which promoted holiday deals, seen in June 2018: a. The first ad featured text which stated “A week 4* Half Board with a 2nd week FREE from £359”. The ad featured a table which showed the “from” prices of different durations between September...

  • Strasse (UK) Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Magazine
    • 29 May 2019

    An ad for Strasse Garage, seen in the 911 and Porsche World Magazine on 28 February 2019 featured an image of the lower half of a woman’s body wearing a black fitted mini-dress and brightly coloured high heels positioned underneath a car, surrounded by car tools and a handbag. Text positioned across the image stated “A...

  • Really Great Cruises Ltd t/a Cruise Nation

    • Upheld
    • E-mail
    • 24 April 2019

    Two direct marketing emails from Cruise Nation, promoting cruise holiday deals: a. An email received on 20 September 2018 included the text “THE DRINKS ARE ON US! FROM ONLY £799”. A circular icon with a green tick and the text “lowest price guaranteed” was placed beside the price claim....