Latest rulings

  • Grapevine Europe Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Television
    • 20 May 2020

    A TV ad for a car buying comparison site misled consumers about what personal information was needed to obtain valuations from their website.

  • British Airways plc

    • Upheld
    • Internet (on own site), Radio
    • 01 April 2020

    A website and radio ad for British Airways made misleading claims about a 2-for-1 travel voucher.

  • RSD Travel Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Magazine, Circular
    • 11 March 2020

    A magazine price comparison ad for a holiday to Cyprus was banned for being misleading.

  • Auto Union Finance Ltd t/a new-car-discount

    • Upheld
    • Internet (on own site)
    • 04 March 2020

    A website for a car retailer created a misleading impression that the vehicles listed on some pages were new when that was not the case.