Latest rulings

  • XC Trains Ltd t/a Cross Country Trains

    • Internet (website content)
    • 17 April 2024

    A webpage made misleading claims about the availability of complimentary food and drink for First Class passengers on Cross Country Trains.

  • Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Ltd t/a Audi

    • Upheld
    • VOD
    • 06 March 2024

    A Video on Demand ad for an electric car featured misleading claims about charging time and mileage.

  • Ford Motor Company Ltd t/a Ford

    • Not upheld
    • Search (paid)
    • 21 February 2024

    A paid-for Google ad did not mislead when claiming a car had ‘zero emissions driving’.

  • BMW (UK) Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Search (paid)
    • 07 February 2024

    A paid-for Google ad misleadingly represented a vehicle’s environmental impact.