This new module covers the fundamental principles that advertisers need to be aware of when making environmental claims, or when their ads include depictions of their environmental impact. It looks at key principles of misleading advertising, the rules that apply specifically to environmental claims, and the broader regulatory landscape.

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The course is broken down as follows:

1. Key principles of misleading advertising: The first section of this module looks at key principles of misleading advertising, including what counts as misleading, the requirement for evidence, and the use of disclaimers.

2. Clarity of claims: This section outlines the requirement for environmental claims to be clear in both their basis and their meaning and the distinction between the two.

3. Absolute and comparative claims: Explore the difference between absolute and comparative environmental claims, and the differing requirements that apply when you use them in your ads.

4. Lifecycle: This section will provide guidance on ’what's meant by the ‘full lifecycle' of a product or service, and when you need to hold evidence about the full lifecycle.

5. Universal acceptance: Learn about the prohibition on implying that environmental claims are universally accepted when they are not.

6. Taking undue credit: This section outlines acceptable ways of referring to industry norms and legal requirements and explains what kind of claims are prohibited.

7. Social responsibility: Learn about how the rules on social responsibility apply to environmental advertising.

8. The regulatory landscape: The final section provides an overview of the regulatory landscape, and introduces some of the work on environmental claims that other organisations and government departments are carrying out.

This course concludes with an assessment, and on passing a personalised certificate for your records.


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