Rulings (6)
  • Itch Petcare Ltd

    • Not upheld
    • Poster
    • 16 October 2019

    A billboard ad for flea treatment did not break the rules around harm and offence.

  • Missguided Ltd

    • Upheld
    • VOD
    • 16 October 2019

    A VOD ad was banned for objectifying women and being likely to cause offence.

  • Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd

    • Not Upheld
    • E-mail
    • 31 July 2019

    An email from Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd, received on 24 April 2019, entitled "Gypsies next door, new series features Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away! Agents". Text within the email stated "Find out why DCBL maintain a 100% Traveller Removal success rate, watch the episode on-demand now. Tra...

  • Not Just Cooling Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Poster
    • 25 September 2019

    A poster ad for an air conditioning company broke the rules around objectification, after using the tag-line "Your wife is hot!"

  • Volkswagen Group UK Ltd

    • Upheld
    • 14 August 2019

    A TV ad for the Volkswagen eGolf, seen on 14 June 2019, opened with a shot of a woman and a man in a tent. The woman was asleep and the man switched off the light and closed the tent, which was shown to be fixed to a sheer cliff face. The following scene depicted two male astronauts floating in a space ship. Text state...

  • Strasse (UK) Ltd

    • Upheld
    • Magazine
    • 29 May 2019

    An ad for Strasse Garage, seen in the 911 and Porsche World Magazine on 28 February 2019 featured an image of the lower half of a woman’s body wearing a black fitted mini-dress and brightly coloured high heels positioned underneath a car, surrounded by car tools and a handbag. Text positioned across the image stated “A...

Informally resolved (2)
  • Hyperconnect Inc

    • 10 July 2019
    • Number of complaints: 1

    Media: Internet (social networking)
    Topic: Gender, sex and relationships

  • Amazon Europe Core Sarl

    • 26 June 2019
    • Number of complaints: 1

    Media: Internet (on own site)
    Topic: Children and the vulnerable