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  • Profit Accumulator Ltd

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    • 21 March 2018

    Three websites and a paid-for Facebook ad for the matched betting service Profit Accumulator: a. The website, seen in July 2017, stated on the home page “The process can be repeated on new offers every day, generating a sustainable income” and on a separate page stated “Get involved. Earn thousands with matched betting guaranteed”. b. A page on the website, see in June 2017, included a review for the matched betting company OddsMonkey which reviewed their service and concluded, “In conclusion, our personal view is that we would NOT recommend OddsMonkey … Instead, we highly recommend that you give Profit Accumulator a try instead”. c. A page on the website, seen in June 2017, included a review for the matched betting company OddsMonkey which headed the page with the phrase “Is it a scam?” before reviewing the service and comparing the service to Profit Accumulator and concluded “What we say: OddsMonkey certainly has some good features. The software is a particular strength and the lower monthly rating is tempting. However, Profit Accumulator has more sign-up and existing customer offers, a better forum and more video tutorials, so its’ worth a little bit of extra cash per month …” and below that, “Oddsmonkey have some good features, but we feel that they fall short of their competitors. 2/5 stars”. d. A paid-for ad on Facebook, seen in October 2017, stated, “What would you do with some extra money?” followed by “I paid off my credit card”.

    and were owned by Profit Accumulator and therefore believed that they … . Profit Accumulator Ltd said that both and were … operated by an affiliate of Profit Accumulator. They stated that they would ask the affiliate to

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  • Profit Accumulator Ltd

    • 29 March 2017
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  • Profit Accumulator Ltd

    • 27 January 2016
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