Advice:AM Social Media


16 May 2019 | 09.30 - 11.30

Social media is now a core medium for many marketers and the range of platforms available allows advertisers to reach wide audiences. Making sure marketing communications on social media can be identified as ads is important, as well as ensuring that they do not mislead or offend consumers.

The seminar, delivered by ASA and CAP experts, will provide an in-depth look at the rules for social media advertising. Attendees will benefit from hearing a range of real-life case studies to help understand the rules further and ensure their marketing communications on social media are recognisable.

Each attendee will be given access to our 'Insiders' Guide to the ASA and CAP' online training module. This will give you a base level of knowledge of the regulatory system, to enable you to get the most out of the seminar.

This seminar will provide you with two CPD hours. 

What will be covered?

By attending, delegates will: 

  • Receive an overview of ad regulation and how the ASA and CAP work 
  • Understand what is in the ASA's remit on social media, including when user-generated content can count as an ad 
  • Fully understand how to make marketing communications identifiable 
  • Receive guidance on how to conduct a social media promotion 
  • Hear a series of real-life case studies and example ASA rulings to help illustrate the rules 
  • Gain access to resources that will help with compliance in the future 
  • Participate in an interactive Q&A session with ASA/CAP experts 

Who should attend?

The event will be of benefit if you:

  • Work for an agency who create social media ads
  • Work in a legal or compliance function that is responsible for ensuring that social media ads are compliant
  • Work in marketing, communications, advertising, product management, account management or sales for an organisation that uses social media for advertising


“Very informative with clear case study examples. Would recommend to organisations and influencers alike.”
Social Media Executive, The MDU

“Interesting and relevant content. Approachable speakers.”
Contracts Manager, Disney

How much does it cost?

When paying online, cost per delegate is £225 (£187.50 + VAT); we accept all major credit and debit cards.

When paying by invoice, cost per delegate is £255 (£212.50 + VAT); the additional charge is to cover administrative tasks.

We offer a 25% off discount for group bookings of four or more delegates; enter the code: "group25" during the booking process receive the discount.