Error notice - please read

We've had some reports of people getting error messages when trying to submit a complaint to us. You may want to copy and paste your answers to our form into a separate document in case you get any error message, as we don't want you to lose what you've written. We're working hard to investigate this matter, and we're really sorry for any problems you get. If you do get an error message, please email to help us diagnose the problem.

You can complain to us if:

  • you're a member of the public, you work for a competitor or you’re associated with a group with an obvious interest
  • it's something we cover (if you’re unsure, call us on the number below) and you’re happy to limit your complaint to three issues

You can complain to us by:

  • completing our online complaints form (click continue below), or by calling / writing to us via the details below

You will need:

  • information about the ad, including where and when you saw it
  • if possible, a photo, video or screenshot of the ad
  • if you're complaining online, a few minutes to fill in our form

Further information:

Please do not submit a complaint to us about political material

We won't be able to take any action, as it isn't covered under the advertising rules. Complaints about political bias in tv and radio ads can be made to Ofcom. For further information why political campaign material isn't regulated in the UK, read our recent article.