The ASA has a long track record of regulating misleading and harmful “green” claims in advertising. As a growing number of brands refer to the environmental credentials of their products, and the harms caused by unsustainable behaviours become more apparent, we have launched a project to ensure our rules and policies are up to standard. Part of this work involves gathering information about the types of misleading or socially irresponsible environmental claims or messages that appear in advertising, and which we should prioritise in our regulation.

In order to gather this information, we are accepting quick reports about ads, using the form below.

Please note that we will not be giving personal responses to people who report potentially misleading or irresponsible ads to us using this reporting form. Your report will contribute to our understanding of industry trends and consumer perspectives, and in some cases we may decide that the ad in question merits the ASA launching its own investigation.

This form is only for ads containing environmental claims, or which depict or condone environmentally harmful practices. 

Alternatively, you can submit a complaint about an ad on this or any other topic by using our make a complaint page.  If you use the standard complaint form, and if we take action on the issue you’ve raised immediately, we will keep you informed of how we deal with the issue.

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By submitting this report to us, you confirm that you understand and acknowledge that you are submitting a 'report', and you are not submitting a full and formal complaint. As such you understand you will not receive a personal response from the ASA.