Today we're launching a public consultation on new Prioritisation Principles which will provide a framework to guide us in how we allocate our resources and prioritise our work. They signal a new way of working.

The principles we propose reflect the commitments made in our five-year strategy to being more proactive and having more impact in how we regulate.

In summary, when allocating our regulatory resources, we propose that we will consider:

  • what harm or detriment has occurred;
  • the likely risk of action versus inaction;
  • the likely impact of our intervention; and
  • what resource would be proportionate to the problem to be tackled

The consultation runs for six weeks, closing on 1 December 2014. We’re inviting responses from all parties with an interest in our work. We plan to publish the final principles in Spring 2015.

Our Chief Executive, Guy Parker said: “If we’re to remain an effective and relevant regulator, we must continue to respond to an ever changing media landscape that places new and varied demands on our resources. We invite all our stakeholders to respond to the consultation so that we ensure our Prioritisation Principles will help us have the biggest impact on the issues that matter most to both consumers and business.”

Read the prioritisation principles in full and find out how to respond to the consultation

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