ASA partners with TikTok to raise awareness of the ad rules

We’ve excited to announce that we’ve been working with TikTok and have partnered with nine TikTok content creators to raise awareness about the rules that are in place to make sure advertising on social media is legal, decent, honest, and truthful.

People should be able to trust the ads they see, hear and interact with. Content creators, and the brands they partner with, risk eroding that trust and the authenticity they’ve built with their followers if they post ads that are misleading, harmful or offensive. It’s really important therefore that ads on social media follow the same rules that apply elsewhere.

We’ve been regulating social media ads for years and, as the world is increasingly online, it’s vital that creators and advertisers are carefully following our rules so that people are protected. We know from the complaints we receive how concerned people are with making sure the ads they see in social media are labelled clearly and upfront and that they are truthful.

As part of our ongoing work to raise awareness and help equip advertisers with the toolkit they need to follow the ad rules, we’ve enlisted nine TikTok creators to highlight key areas of our rules in new videos on the ASA’s TikTok page. Doctor Ethan, Sherice Banton, Morgan M James, Michelle Eltman, Matthew and Ryan, Rene Cravings, Mum & a Mic, Mammy Banter and Florence Simpson discuss key areas advertisers need to be aware of, specifically:

  • Misleadingness
  • Recognition of ads
  • Body Image
  • Harmful/dangerous behaviour
  • Promotions
  • Price
  • Remit
  • Food
  • Prescription-only Medicines

Working with TikTok and partnering with these creators is a great way of helping spread the word about how and when the ad rules apply not only on TikTok but across social media platforms. We know that the majority of creators want to get it right by being upfront and clear when their posts are ads and making sure any claims they make about the products or services they’re promoting are truthful and appropriate for the audience that sees them; these videos provide top tips on how to make sure anyone who promotes a brand or product follows our rules and advertises responsibly.

We've also created a new hub for brands and creators, bringing together more advice and guidance on each of the topics these TikToks touch on. 

We’ll be uploading to the ASA TikTok page three creators’ videos on Friday 15th October, three more on Monday 18th and the final three on Tuesday 19th

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