ASA wins judicial review on broadband fibre

In 2018, CityFibre judicially reviewed our decision on fibre claims in broadband advertising. The High Court of Justice has today handed down its judgment and found in the ASA’s favour.

Statement from the Advertising Standards Authority

"We welcome the Court’s decision which finds in the ASA’s favour on all grounds and dismisses CityFibre’s arguments.   

“The review of the evidence we undertook to arrive at our position on the use of the term “fibre” to describe part-fibre services in ads was based on robust methodology and open minded analysis of all of the arguments. The process we followed to test if the average consumer is being misled by the use of the term “fibre” to describe part-fibre services is the one we have used to protect UK consumers from misleading advertising for many years and we are pleased that the Court has supported our approach after a hard fought legal process.”


In 2017, we published the outcome of our review of the use of the term “fibre” to describe part-fibre services in broadband advertising. The totality of the evidence we saw during our review led us to conclude that this term is unlikely to mislead consumers. Our full announcement and a copy of the independent research we commissioned is available here.

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