In July 2014, BCAP announced a review into payday loans advertising on television; the review was confined to examining the effectiveness of its content rules but welcomed any submissions of relevant evidence of a need for scheduling restrictions, which it committed to consider.

Since the commencement of its review, BCAP has been made aware of research carried out by the Children’s Society into the effects of payday loan advertising. It has, consequently, been asked whether it might extend the scope of its review to consider fully the scheduling of payday loan advertising in the context of this and any other relevant pieces of evidence. BCAP will now do so, and calls for submissions of any further new evidence to help it assess whether there is a need for restrictions on how TV payday loans ads are scheduled.

The following document sets out supplementary terms to those of the original review and should be read in conjunction with them:

BCAP Payday Loans Review Supplementary Terms of Reference.pdf


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