We have published a Review of the evidence on gambling advertising and its impact on young people and problem gambling behaviour.

The evidence shows that the impact of gambling advertising on these areas is limited. We’re confident that the strict content and scheduling rules in place set the right level of protection for young and vulnerable people.

Our Review was launched in response to a request by the Department of Culture Media and Sport and forms part of a multi-agency process looking at how gambling is advertised. Our work follows independent research findings published earlier this year by the ASA which showed that the ASA’s decisions on complaints around gambling ads meets societal expectations.

Given changes to the market and legitimate concerns around gambling’s proper place in society, gambling advertising will continue to be an area of focus and we’ll be working proactively to ensure the gambling advertising remains responsible.

This includes:

  • Producing enhanced guidance for advertisers.
  • Working with academics and other experts to ensure the rules continue to identify and address the particular risks and vulnerabilities associated with gambling advertising.
  • Working with fellow regulators to expand and improve the evidence base.

Shahriar Coupal, Director of CAP said: “We know gambling can be a contentious issue which is why there are strict rules in place to ensure it’s advertised responsibly. While our Review shows that our regulation of gambling ads is effective, we’re staying vigilant and will act where evidence shows that children or vulnerable people might be at risk.”

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