Today, the Committees of Advertising Practice have made a series of technical amendments to the food sections of the UK Advertising Codes covering both broadcast and non-broadcast media to reflect recent developments a European level.

The European Commission recently launched the EU Register of authorised nutrition and health claims, which comes fully into force today.

The EU Register is a key element of the European framework established in Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods (the ‘NHCRs’). It serves to bring health claims made in advertising under the NHCRs framework to join nutrition claims, which have been covered since 2009.

The NHCRs establish a system of central authorisation for all nutrition and health claims used in advertising; claims that do not comply with the NHCRs may not be used in advertising. The relevant provisions of the NHCRs are incorporated into the UK Advertising Codes.

The changes are of a technical nature and are simply intended to maintain the congruity between the Advertising Codes and the NHCR’s. They do not change the way advertisers and other practitioners should approach advertising using nutrition or health claims. The changes serve to provide more focused, up to date information on the legislative framework underpinning many of the rules in the respective sections.

If you have any questions related to the policy background to the NHCRs, please contact CAP Copy Advice via the website.

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