Looking forward to your next move or just starting out on the career ladder?

Job hunting can be hard work - time scrolling through ads, completing pages of an application, and hoping that you’ll get an interview from at least 1 out of the 100 you’ve sent. Then there’s the prepping, the interview, and oh the waiting…but the call to say you’ve got it, well, that can be a real rush, or at least a huge relief. The hunt is over.

It is not the moment, however, to find out that your annual salary is actually 100% commission based. Or that your ‘full time hours’ are for evening and weekend work.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to make sure that job ads don’t mislead and to help ensure that prospective employees don’t get a nasty surprise when the job they’re offered doesn’t accurately reflect the role they applied for.

Although we don’t receive a huge amount of complaints about job ads, most of the complaints we do get are usually along the same lines. It tends to be misleading job descriptions on employment sites and in particular the salary and type of employment that get people exasperated.

The rules on misleadingness, and the specific rules on employment and business opportunities, require that ads are accurate, and up-front about what the vacancy involves. We’re in the business of making sure job ads work for you – so that you can concentrate full-time on finding your ideal role.

For further information, please see our Recruitment and Work topic page. 

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