Ensure your ads are picture perfect on World Photography Day

World Photography Day (19 August) is an opportunity to celebrate the art and history of photography. Many advertisers use photos in their ads, often to highlight a particular product or service being offered, so here are some top tips to help your ads comply.

Exposing your qualifications

It is important that advertisers not only remember to present any qualifications clearly, as their omission could mislead, but also to remember that qualifications may not override any misleading impression created by photos. 

The ASA ruled that an ad featuring a photo of a seasonal bouquet of flowers was likely to mislead, despite it stating that flowers could vary due to seasonality.

Similarly, the ASA ruled that an ad featuring photos of a hotel’s rooms, grounds and facilities, which implied guests would stay in a particular part of the hotel, was likely to mislead without prominent information about the location of the rooms.

Don’t let your ads develop into a negative

Advertisers often engage well-known photographers to create eye-catching ads.

As well as ensuring any production techniques do not mislead consumers, advertisers should be careful when using contemporary techniques. 

The ASA ruled that an Instagram filter used to promote tanning drops gave the appearance of a darker skin tone and a smoother complexion, leading to the ad misleadingly exaggerating the capabilities of the product.

Using photos is a great way of presenting a product or service but make sure your ads are being celebrated for the right reasons by complying with the Ad Codes.

If you need further, bespoke advice on your non-broadcast ads, our Copy Advice team are here to help.

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