Whether you’re getting your foot on the career ladder or climbing the rungs, seeking out a job is a competitive business. Job ads are a quick and easy way to help us look out for roles that might be suitable. It’s crucial then that ads are truthful about the job and deal with would-be-applicants fairly.

While complaints in this area are relatively low (we received 113 complaints about 94 employment ads in 2013, and 120 complaints about 112 employment ads in 2012), we take those we do receive seriously. We know that the majority of people search for jobs online and, rightly, they should be able to trust the ads they see. The rules in place help make sure that job ads don’t mislead and that prospective employees don’t get a nasty surprise when the job they’re offered doesn’t accurately reflect the role they applied for.

Despite the low number of complaints we’re keeping an eye out for problem practices. Contact us if you think a job ad is misleading or unfair. If you’re unsure of what the rules require of advertisers or you’d like more information on our work in this area, read our topic page on Recruitment and Work.

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