We’ve launched Responsible Ads: Gambling Advertising a new CAP eLearning module designed to provide gambling advertisers with all of the tools they require to produce ads that comply with the Advertising Codes.

The UK advertising rules for gambling are amongst the strictest in the word. With this new module, you can learn about the advertising rules and how they apply from the experts who write the Code. Real-life rulings and interactive questions provide you with the knowledge you need to create responsible, compliant gambling campaigns.

This course is broken down as follows:

Terms and conditions

This section looks at how to present the terms and conditions of any claims and promotions in marketing communications.

Social, cultural and religious responsibility

This section covers the rules on creating ads that appeal to children and other areas of social responsibility.
The gambling rules: Go through Section 16 of the CAP Code and take a look at real-life rulings to illustrate the rules.

Betting and tipsters

This section will provide guidance on how betting tipsters can remain responsible when promoting their services.

Our advice and training resources, of which eLearning is a part, represent our on-going commitment to helping marketers produce ads that are responsible and trusted – which is good for consumers and good for business.

For more information on the module, visit our eLearning site.

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