Today CAP and BCAP have launched a new Help Note on the rules for gambling advertisements. It is designed to provide advertisers with clear guidance to help ensure that gambling advertising continues to be responsible and that children as well as vulnerable people, like those at risk of problem gambling, are protected.

Importantly, the Help Note also addresses issues of misleading advertising including detailed guidance for marketers wishing to promote “free bet” offers.

In summary, the Help Note aims to help advertisers comply with rules covering the following areas:

  • social responsibility and harm;
  • protecting children and young persons;
  • irresponsible appeals (e.g. to sexual success or gambling as a rite of passage)
  • encouraging problem gambling behaviours (e.g. solitary gambling or gambling to solve personal problems);
  • misleading advertising issues related to “free bet” offers;
  • lotteries; and betting tipsters

Why are CAP and BCAP issuing this new Help Note?

The Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Bill which is currently going through Parliament, will change the way remote gambling operators are licensed. Part of the Bill has focused attention on gambling advertising. In response to this, CAP and BCAP have worked closely with key stakeholders, principally the Gambling Commission and Department of Culture Media and Sport, to ensure a joined-up approach to protecting consumers and minimising harm related to gambling advertising. The Help Note is CAP and BCAP’s contribution to this wider effort to ensure that gambling advertising remains responsible and sticks to the strict gambling rules in the Codes.

The Help Note does not create new rules but has been updated to reflect the ASA’s existing interpretation of the gambling rules (Section 16 of the CAP Code and Section 17 of the BCAP Code) as set out in its rulings.

Read the new guidance.

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