In March 2009, the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) consulted on a proposal to include a rule in the BCAP Advertising Code about post-conception advice services. In recent weeks, Ofcom and BCAP have identified some outstanding matters for further discussion on the proposal. Both parties agree that this should not delay the launch of new Broadcast Advertising Code, which BCAP intends to publish shortly. 

Therefore, when the new Broadcast Advertising Code is published, the regulatory position for advertisements for post-conception advice services will remain unchanged. This means that radio advertisements will only be acceptable for family planning centres approved by a Local Health Authority, the Central Office of Information or another appropriate NHS body. On TV, advertisements for non-commercial post-conception pregnancy advice services will continue to be permitted – subject, of course, to them complying with all appropriate rules in the Code - and advertisements for commercial post-conception advice services offering individual advice on personal problems will not be acceptable.

BCAP intends to make a separate regulatory statement on this subject at the earliest opportunity, but after the new Broadcast Advertising Code has been published.

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