Responding to GambleAware's Interim Synthesis Report

Today, we’re publishing an update on the work we’re undertaking in response to the recent GambleAware research on the impact of gambling advertising on children, young people and other vulnerable individuals.

The UK Advertising Codes already have tough restrictions on gambling advertising; they are based on the best available evidence and aimed at limiting under-18s’ exposure and prohibiting potentially harmful content. However, as an evidence-based regulator, we need to keep up with developments.

That’s why GambleAware’s dedicated work looking at gambling advertising in the UK is important. Their Interim Synthesis Report brings together a variety of different strands of work looking at the levels and nature of gambling. A second report is expected around the end of the year that will look at the important question of the impact of gambling ads.

Although we don’t have a complete picture of the emerging evidence, it’s important to maintain momentum and follow up on recommendations and findings where we can take action. Our letter to the Gambling Commission, the sectoral regulator responsible for licensing gambling operators, updates them on the work we’ve carried out so far. It highlights our focus on assessing the research findings for compliance issues, taking action and ensuring we have a firm grasp of the complexities surrounding gambling’s connection with e-sports across online platforms.

Read our response here.

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